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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    I appreciate your offer, but honestly said, I don't know whether I want to buy yet another product of a company like Lawmate. They seem to be unable to fulfill their duties, repairing or exchanging a not properly working product. It is a very peculiar company anyway, I cannot

    It's tough to realize that, albeit a two years warranty, there is almost no chance to have a device repaired which obviously wasn't abused/damaged at all and which is about 6 months old.

    How much would it cost me to have my PV500 exchanged?

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    @Trappy: How much would it cost me to have my PV500 exchanged?

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    Wish the support team would be a bit less officious! I made and additional small purchase a week ago and added a note to include it with the disco pro I have ordered. No acknowledgement was made. Not to worry.

    When my disco pro was due to ship I get a message from support saying it will be delayed for a couple of weeks due to not having the right colour screws. Not to worry. I leave a message saying OK, hope it doesn't get caught up in the Christmas rush, and please include my other order with it when it ships.

    Supports response is that my request is a repeat of the note on my second order page.

    Well not to be a pedantic prat, but an acknowledgement would have been nice, and a simple OK would have been better on my message regards waiting longer for the disco pro.

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    I was pretty happy with TBS pre-sales support when I bought my PV500. It took longer than expected but the communication was ok and they gave me a generous discount because it was their test unit.

    I'm definitively not the type of guy who flames companies if something doesn't work as expected. That's why I wasn't happy about the "sarcastic comments" post. I did my best in getting in touch with TBS via e-mail, web-mail and their own issue system. But until the day when they closed my issue, I never ever got one single feedback to my ticket. I think it's not more than fair to help a customer getting his broken device repaired/replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

    BTW: My question as of November 27th "How much would it cost me to have my PV500 exchanged?", repeated 3 days ago, is still unanswered. My device is still broken.

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    The following message has been posted to this thread about 20 hours ago by Shiva:
    @hover --- open a support ticket!
    Unfortunately I cannot see this reply anymore.
    Has it been deleted?

    @TBS: Shall I open another ticket or how do you want me to ask my question?

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    After many weeks of mailing and posting, TBS finally replaced the defective part.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi there,

    As I am was reading this I thought I am going to post my experience here too.
    And I really have to say that the support I experienced was way beyond what you guys write here.

    I have ordered a TBS Disco Pro Long Range set just about few days before christmas and I had it around 3 of January. After setting up the whole thing the cam switch went up in smoke.
    For this reason I contacted TBS and got an answer within 2 days where Sheng told me to talk to a guy here in Switzerland.
    What I did not know then was that this guys were the ones who developed the whole thing.

    Within a week I met the guys and they replaced the cam switch, fixed my Video Tx (I broke a conncetion pin) and by testing equipment we realized that my Dominator goggles were broken, just replacing it never suspecting me having made a mistake or anything else with my equipment. They even helped me setting up things I have not done yet. All this did not even cost a cent.

    May this be an exception beause I had luck just to be next to the TBS guys. But I think it is also exception the way your support turned out to be.
    People seem to degrade companies and persons easily these days by just one mistake or problem.

    For me I have never had such a great support before with anything and I am not really patient either.

    Many thanks again to TBS

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    thanks Ralph, much appreciated.

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    Got to say that since my first purchase, support has been exceptional. Just made another purchase with a request, and was answered very quickly to resolve my concern.

    Sherrel/Sheng are an asset to TBS. Just gets better and better.

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    Dear Trappy,
    The website is down and I would appreciate to get a hold of the L1D manual, as I want to connect it to my Remziby OSD and I want to make sure I'm connecting it to the right connectors.



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