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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    How to get Customer Support from TBS

    We just launched our new support section as our latest effort to keep the standard of support at an exceptional level. There are now several ways to get assistance on products that TBS carries, as well as pre-shipment support ("where are my items? what's the stock like? can you remove A, B and C?", etc).

    You can:

    1) Use our Solution Center / Knowledge Base to find
    2) Create a Support Ticket or use our Contact Form
    3) Post a message directly in your order under "ORDER COMMENTS"

    For product or tech support, please use #1 and #2 only. If you'd like to clarify stuff for our packing crew, request changes to your order, cancel an order, use #2 or #3. We really appreciate if you take a minute to check our extensive knowledge base with the integrated search function to see if we haven't answered your question already. It makes our life so much easier and allows us to keep updating the knowledge base to provide better and more detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    As always, thanks for being part of this movement and allowing us to do what we enjoy! You guys rock!
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    No response to support request whatsoever

    Although I have sent several mails / web mails and eventually created a support ticket 8 days ago, I don't get any response whatsoever.

    For 3 weeks now I'm claiming that my PV500 EVO2 video recorder has a broken output port. One week later, I got an e-mail reply that TBS will immediately talk to Lawmate.

    Since then, although asked and asked again, I don't get any response whatsoever. My support ticket is in state "in progress" - that's it.

    What shall I do to get my PV500 fixed?

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    waiting for lawmate! they are looking into it

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    I just wonder how they can look into it without having the device.
    Can you give me a direct link to Lawmate, like this it will take another week or two without any concrete help, I assume.

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    No news are bad news. I still have a defective video recorder bought from TBS and nobody seems to care.
    - my updates to support ticket doesn't get heard
    - my e-mail sent to Trappy hasn't been answered

    I feel like an trouble-maker, what am I doing wrong? Do I have to accept a not properly working device?
    Probably not a "serious toy" or am I getting you wrong?

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    sarcastic comments isn't going to help. I am still trying to find out with Lawmate what is going on. so far they are blaming it on a bad connector or a bad connection to the sockets. it looks like we will need to replace it, because our current rep at lawmate is leaving the company and there is no replacement for her yet, which may even further delay things.

    given that you got a sizeable discount because we didn't consider (and still don't) to carry this device the replacement will cost the difference between the regular sales price and what you paid. I have since closed the ticket since you seem to prefer to handle this support ticket publically.

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    That's not fair, I believe.

    Since your last reply in this forum I made another post to my support ticket and I have sent you a personal email, ten days ago - without any response.
    The ticket consists of 5 posts from my side, very polite and factual. The only response from your side after 3 weeks: "ticket closed".

    I repeat what I asked you in my last, personal email: "What would you do in my position?"
    My email ended with "Thank you for not letting me down".

    That's the result.

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    there was no repsonse because there were no updates. lawmate is still requesting you send this in for repair, which will end up costing more than the original model (we've tried that avenue) and will take 1-2 months generally. With Xmas and Chinese New Year around the corner this will take much longer, though. my last response was I would reply when I had news. there is still no news today. I can provide you the option for replacement for the charge of the difference of the retail price and the price you paid, it will take 2 weeks until I have a PV500 in stock (which I need to re-order).

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    Of course there are/were updates, your note in this thread starting with "sarcastic comments" was a brand new information I was never told before. For the last 10 days the status was "waiting for lawmate! they are looking into it".

    I understand that Lawmate is having troubles repairing the PV500.

    What about TBS? Is it correct that, if I want to have my device repaired within a reasonable amount of time, I have to pay extra (the difference between the retail price and the price you offered me, because it was a test device)? How much would that be?

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    No I will just replace it. You can keep the old one even, at this point I don't think it makes sense to request a repair from Lawmate it will certainly be more expensive than my offer and will take a lot more time. I will need around 2 weeks to order and receive the replacement.

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