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Thread: FPV Interference using Lawmate

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    FPV Interference using Lawmate

    Hi all, I would really appreciate your help so I can get the best experience with my Disco Pro.

    I recently purchased a fully-loaded assembled Disco Pro from a well-known supplier because I did not have the technical knowledge/capability to build one from scratch. It all works fine except the I have incredibly short FPV range, often with interference and cannot get the Lawmate Tuned Rx working.

    The standard setup is:

    - Futaba T14SG with 2.4mhz switched off: instead transmitting via ImmersionRC EzUHFTx.
    - Lawmate Tuned Tx with all switches off. Standard 'rubber duckie' antenna.
    - Dominator googles with 2.4 receiver TBS module: this is the only way I have managed to see an image, albeit often with interference.
    - Lawmate Tuned Rx set to channel 8 (also tried channel 5): but unable to get any image into TV whatsoever. I have tried 'rubber duckie' and Yagi antenna.
    - It has the 900KV2 motors and TBS Bulletproof ESC as recommended.

    Interference is found at any distance (from 1m to a maximum I have taken it of 100m); any change in altitude or attitude; regardless whether I use the TBS69 camera or GoProHero3.

    It flies great, but I would appreciate flying without interference and to use the Lawmate Tuned Rx to extend range.

    If you have any suggestions they would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Have you tried trouble shooting by not using the goggles and going straight to a video monitor from the receiver?
    I have a Futaba 10 CAG and turn the 2.4 off by holding down a button while turning on the transmitter. I use ezUHF and don't have any problems either, so that setup is probably fine, provided the 2.4 is in fact off.

    Have you tried circularly polarized antennas at all? If those don't work then something may be up with the transmitter / operating voltage / wiring, etc.

    Hope you figure it out.

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    I had some serious range issues with my setup recently...

    Have a read through the the thread I started for some troubleshooting ideas..


    The problem turned out to be a faulty Tuned receiver in my case...

    However it could be a wide range of problems.....

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    Thanks to everyone and particularly Robert at OneDrone I now have a fully functioning Quadcopter - it's pretty awesome.

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    And the solution was?

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    How did you place the yagi (spikes vertical or horizontal)?
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