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Thread: Free stuff, get yours here!

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    I need a huge sticker for the side of the CGS. Might as well use all that blank real estate for someone to advertise with. I need a Circular wireless graphic as well.
    Brett Hays

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssassen View Post

    I offered you one and you didn't reply until weeks, if not months, after. But the offer still stands, email me your address and I'll get one sent out.
    I did send it, I know you were busy. but I'm falling in love with the 4ch LITE's, those things friggin rock

    I think the issue was the RSSI issue, which was more widespread than the LITE, so I'm working through it....lot of money to ship something, let me take a raincheck
    "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills"- Author unknown


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    I have a very annoying Cyclops Storm OSD lying around...

    Anyone keen to destroy it? Maybe with a LiPo?

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    Does the current sensor is ok?
    A friend gave me a Blackstork OSD where the GPS fried but it's missing the current sensor.
    (well the GPS as well... but I'm trying to repair it)
    www. xRotor .net | 0x0FPV00

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    Hi, I have used your intro in my latest video, thanks for producing it, and such awesome equipment that gives me the confidence to fly over water when I don't have a boat.
    Best watched in 1080p of course.


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    Great video JB

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    nice video, over water is the only place that makes me real nervous to fly over.

    looks like you'll be the winner for sure at this rate of video post


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    Like the wallpaper.
    Winding up drongo's and tards since ages ago.

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    so is there some free stuff left :-P Could need a Vortex or at least an EzUHF (XuGong would be OK as well... okay 25mW RaceBand Tx? I take it! :-P)

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    Thanks I'm digging the intros

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