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Thread: Camera light sensitivity

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    Camera light sensitivity

    I'm looking at some camera specs at work (ie non-FPV applications) and would appreciate some input regarding some tech specs especially the light sensitivity. The cameras are to be used for outdoor use and must work from a moving vehicle.

    The cameras are CCD and are ranging from 420-450TVL and the light sensitivity range from 0.4-1.0 lux.

    The question is if the light sensitivity is enough? The resolution doesn't matter as much. Will 0.4 Lux be enough during dawn and dusk? For comparison the KX191/MSHQ36/MHQ36 is 0.5 Lux and is used by many for night flights although.

    Also, is 430-450TVL way too low resolution to view on a big screen? The screen + camera is to be used instead of a window. It is not to be used for surveillance purposs, only for orientation of the outside world, so being able to pick out details aren't that important.
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