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Thread: Fly multirotors for hire legally !! FAA Compliant Product.

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    Once again, not dogging on the product, just asking questions. Doesn't tying a line to a multirotor just add another point of failure/danger? What if the line gets snagged on something or you fly to the end of the line. Then you have a multirotor that is falling out of the sky but un-tethered it would have been safer.

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    Probably jail
    It has nothing to do with safety, but with bending the FAA rules in your favor.

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    Really, I could see the benefits of this to get the ball rolling on jobs. People could start to really rake it in using this for a few easy applications. And they wouldn't have to work in the shadows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Future-Hobbies View Post
    The bottom line is that if you use a aircraft "FOR HIRE" and accept money it is illegal.
    ...Of course, I wouldn't expect them to tell you anything else... but the they do have an agenda and it's my own personal belief they they are spreading a lie. I'd be inclined to fly without a tether until they send a cease and desist letter directly to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by WildWill View Post
    I'm guessing because you control this one from flying away. It could still drop into a crowd of people, TBO that seems to be the biggest deals with multi-rotor failure. To prevent flyaways has it's merits though.
    The existing rules for kites and moored balloons say that you can't fly them in a way that would endanger people or property. So, assuming that by tethering your quad you are effectively turning it into such a kite or moored balloon, the same rules apply here (as stated that they do on the product page) and that would theoretically include not flying above people.
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    This seems more dangerous than flying without a tether. Amazing the FAA would think being leashed to a line that could get wrapped in a spinning prop is considered safer than being allowed to freely move about. If it were tethered to a cloud then I could see the point but this is crazy. What about when that line gets blown into or snagged on something like a pole or a tree and your pivot point is now reduced to where you cannot land.

    Then again, as I like to say, the powers that be aren't interested in solutions but control. Nuts.

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    I don't mean to insult, please don't misunderstand me. You have a great product and a novel idea and I hope you succeed in it. I could not do what you have done, I understand this. I just want to give my opinion for what its worth. Again, I'm want to be completely open and not beat around the bush, my intent is to provide you with some guidance, not insult, troll, get into a flame war or otherwise have some sort of internet tough guy contest with you. Read with a little tongue in cheek to take the edge off, please. Now...buckle up, this rides about to get bumpy.

    1. Your videos are painful to watch, if you want to sell your product you may want to work on your screen presence. You sound like you are trying to use words, phrases, and lingo that you are simply not used to using. Remember, most of your clientele already fly and can see through the song and dance.

    2. You're "high tech" tether-line is not that special. Call it what it is. Sounds like it could be a kevlar braided line or something similar. Spiderwire brand fishing line comes to mind. No big deal to us, just don't try to make it sound like alien technology. And of course no one who knows about these things would consider tying a ROPE to it...

    3. You're flying demos are so far from the quad I can't make anything out with enough detail to evaluate it fairly. Why not stand near the camera so you can talk while flying, or allow the tether to be seen more clearly... there's a dozen more ways you could have done this. A second camera and a little more time in Windows Movie maker will do wonders. Or go find a aspiring movie editor, wedding photographer, someone who knows final cut, premiere, motion, and/or after effects, etc. Your production looks like something a middle school kid would include with his science fair project.

    4. Your "aggressive" flying is hardly that. Thats an excellent hover for me! LOL. Put that thing 50 feet up and give it some hard pulls on the tether. Obviously that's not something you "want" to do, but when something goes wrong, it's a likely scenario. Anything but a wobbly hover 4 feet off the ground.

    There, I said it.. Again, Not to insult or anything, it's a tough competitive world and you're throwing down the gauntlet with your product. So through that sucker down! Not gently place it and adjust it a few time before stepping back out of sight.

    Good luck, I'm off to go crash something into something.
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    How does the reel work? You have to pull it out manually, fly and then how do you wind it up? Is there a crank on the back side?

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    So is it only for some airframes, or any airframe?

    Also the second video you seemed to talk more about the copter's abilities, not the tether's.
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    Sorry, It is wast it is. I'm not saying it's for everybody. It's now only $299. Check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericlindnc View Post
    How does the reel work? You have to pull it out manually, fly and then how do you wind it up? Is there a crank on the back side?
    This version winds by hand.

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