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Thread: Fly multirotors for hire legally !! FAA Compliant Product.

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    When will the price drop? Very interested

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    So... I hate to be critical of a fellow lab sponsor but... This looks extremely dangerous. I helped some local HAM guys by flying a line up a tree so they could hoist a shortwave antenna up there and I have to say once the quad got high up and a little out with some wind it was pretty difficult... I had a quick release on the quad so I could let it go once at the top and I was REALLy glad to have it. I know it would defy the point, but this should have a quick release as well.

    The other thing is that there is absolutely NO laws or regulations making it illegal or even restrictive for commercial operation of a UAV, UAS, "drone" or r/c toy. The FAA just wants us to think there is while they try to craft some.
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