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Thread: FE 360 Pan Tilt kit now available

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    If you look at the video, these jitters occur on the ground without the prop running. But yea, it's a challenge. You don't perhaps have a link to that servo?? I'll check out the new design, but I'm otherwise happy with this mount.

    Edit: I see the new design has the tilt on the CG of the GoPro, which is much better, and almost any servo will produce jitter free results. The design I have is constantly straining. I'm thinking of attaching a rubber band to help out :/

    I wonder if FE or CXN will give me a slight discount on the new design... ?
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    I was using the hitek's for pan and tilt. Now, I am using the GWS for pan and the turnigy for tilt. Don't know the number tho. Carlos at cxn will know and is very willing to help.

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    Thanks will ask him.

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    I'm testing the new V2 Pan Tilt kit as we speak. I still like the HS65MG servo on it for tilt but don't have enough "in-flight" data yet. The HS65 is a bit shorter than the Turnigy which CXN recommends and pulls the pan mount arms together. I don't think it's going to be an issue and if it is, a small spacer or washer will suffice.

    This V2 will be available on our site shortly. It is a nice setup with the extra lateral support for the pan servo and camera mount. The only problem is it's big and wide with much more drag. You at least now have 4 options for a Pan Tilt depending on your usage and platform:

    1. Micro 180 BB pan tilt kit
    2. Standard 180 BB pan tilt kit
    3. 360 V1 pan tilt kit
    4. 360 V2 pan tilt kit


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    Quote Originally Posted by heinduplessis View Post
    ...I'm considering this servo now:

    I can't figure out if it will fit?

    Any help appreciated!

    I have one of the first designs like these pan/tilts, the first one CXN sold before FE carried them. If it's the same, then no, the 380MAX servo won't fit. It's too large. (about 23x14mm not counting the mounting tabs) I have that servo mounted on my RMRC wooden pan/tilt, but I had to cut away a bit of wood for it to fit. It's a smooth servo for tilt, but it is a bit large.

    I still haven't flown the pan/tilt like these, I was supposed to mount it on my Skywalker but never got around to it... I'll keep an eye out to see if you're able to find a good tilt servo for it!
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    hi, i bought this about 4 days ago but havent yet received any communication from you. Do you send out shipping info or anything like that? sorry, i tried using the contact email but kept getting delivery failures.
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    Ordered September 25th and now its December 5th. 3 months waiting for an small package I paid 50$ for shipping thinking id get it in 4-5 days. Man, please send me what I paid for or refund my money.

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