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Thread: General 2dogrc, Dualsky, or Mad Dog Questions

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    General 2dogrc, Dualsky, or Mad Dog Questions

    Here you can post general questions about our company or products that we carry. A good question here would be, "why 2dogrc as a company name?"

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    Why 2dogrc as a company name?

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    Good question!

    When we first started, I was selling on Ebay. We used to also buy closed hobby stores and liquidate the inventory. My username was my last name and I thought I should change that. I brainstormed a while, had a few beers, and talked with some friends. One of my friends was a Graphic design expert and he suggested something fun. At that time we had 2 dogs and I was selling RC stuff. So we named it 2dogrc. The warehouse came later, to make us sound bigger! We now have 3 dogs..but no company name change is in the future.

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    if you ever start up a radio station in DC after a nuclear apocalypse, then maybe switching to 3dogrc would be a good idea. =)

    (only fallout 3 fans will get this...)

    Welcome to the forums, btw.
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