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Thread: WiFi FPV with Amped Wireless?

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    WiFi FPV with Amped Wireless?

    Hi Guys,

    as I mentioned in previous posts I'm still really new to FPV and still doing a bit of research about it.

    I found this http://www.ampedwireless.com/products/sr600ex.html

    I guess the 1.5 miles isn't realistic, however I also noticed they sell a selection of antennas too.

    Would this be feasible for someone looking to just fly around a park or beach?

    Cheers guys,


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    That is way too expensive and you'd need to hack it to make it work. FPV is nothing more than a wireless security system onboard an airplane. Watch the videos in the beginner thread for everything you need to know.

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    The problem with something like that (besides the cost and complexity), is that more than a few lost packets and you've got problems! With analog wireless video, you can barely have any signal making it through and still see enough to fly out of the situation.

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    If you are thinking about using it to boost 2.4ghz RC, you can get a 1w booster on amazon or elsewhere for around $40 that will work.
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