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Thread: Quadcopter Disaster - A warning - Cell Phone Towers

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    Very good advice. I have rechecked my connections, taped them down for more security, and haven't had that same problem again. I've got a good mind to buzz that danged cell tower again just to see!

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    I see the phrase "once bitten, twice shy" does not apply in your situation

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    Does not apply, since he wasn't bitten by the cell tower in the first place.

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    Re: Quadcopter Disaster - A warning - Cell Phone Towers

    While correlation doesn't necessarily imply causation, recall how Pavlov trained his dog.

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    I'm not sure why but I've flown past this thing a ton of times and never seen any issues. Is it a periodic type of transmission thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
    It is strange to me that you lost video on your entire flight home. I'm not exactly sure it was the tower? Your video should have come right back after you got out of the influence of whatever the tower was outputting..
    I'd have to agree. Almost seems like maybe something came "on" at the tower at the most inopportune time.
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    Holy crap moelich I'm glad you posted this. There is one of these by a popular surf spot I was going to fly at and I was just going to go for it. I guess I can't fly there now.

    Are there any ways to protect your electronics from the surges? Not necessarily the interference but jus tthe sudden surge of power all over your electronics. My best guess would be covering everything in braided shielding and grounding it yes?

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    Ive got a cell tower on my property and was curious as to whether or not it would affect the radio signal, figured it would be cool to get a close look at the top of it. I was flying my little blade 180 qx, LOS, went up, circled around the panels, and had no problems. However this was without fpv, just the 2.4 radio.

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