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Thread: Trappy in the news again......Popular Mechanics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotttu View Post
    We have mt Rainier here, 14400' up, I'd love to come down there and fly with ya...
    well if your ever in the area hit us up.. Faber or myself.

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    When I was in the Air Force one of my ''other'' jobs besides flying was to be the liaison for anything flying outside the gates. I would go around to all the out lying airports and ultralight parks with an out stretched hand and a smile. We would brief them on our activities and they theirs. There is an office on the base that will give you information and more than glad to take yours. All they want to know is what is out there. Take the case of the Ultralight park. It sprang up over night and was just ''wining'' it as far as the C-5 traffic that was flying around them. When I found out about it I went out there and was met with some animosity like I was trying to shut them down. When I told them I had the power to keep the C-5s and other traffic out and above their space their attitude changed. I told them all they had to do was call my office and if I wasn't there call the tower boss. Either way we sure the hell didn't want to hit anything either. Usually a little coordinating is all it takes.
    Brett Hays

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    Just received the Feb / Mar 2014 issue of "Radio Control HELI PILOT." Inside back cover has an article that mentions Trappy and his $10,000 fine from the FAA.

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