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Thread: Nice Aluminium Arms for your Discovery

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    I think what MAYMIDROIX says is that he has spacers to put between the bottom of his arm and the top of the bottom plate of the disco to make the height 37mm as if it were a discovery arm

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    gotcha. although this worries me a bit, there may be slop. a picture would explain the setup and maybe address my concern about the stability.

    MAYMIDROIX, are you having these milled out of a square block?

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    Your a wally Maymidroix, there was no mention in your intro to these arms that they were not standard DJI height (no dimensions given except 50mm longer), I have ordered mine without that knowledge, otherwise I would have ordered the spacers at the same time, now I have to make up something myself, its not worth another $13 shipping for this amateur solution using bushes/sleeves.

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    Remake your arms STANDARD height and standard length and you would have sold out of your first batch by now.

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    in all fairness I think it's already sold out at least RMRC shows negative stock.

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    I swung by RMRC today and picked up my arms. I used my harvested Disco as my test bed. I didnt feel like taking apart my Pro for testing. Im going to use all stock DJI motor/ESC's and a NAZA first gen. As this is going to just be a test, Im not going for long range. TBS green horn and DX8 only.

    First thing i think about them is that they are nice looking. I got the all black ones. I had them sitting on my passenger seat and every red light I picked one up and would fiddle with it.
    This is a comparison between the two arms

    While i was there i asked about the spacers. If u use these on a Disco/Disco pro, you need the spacers. Where the positive battery is soldered to the bottom plate the bottom of the arm would contact it and probaly cause a short. Needless to say i left with some.

    Here you can see a good comparison on the difference in the arms installed. I think with the arms on the rear only, It will look more square.

    There is NO leg on the arm. This is a problem if you dont have anything to make some.

    I will finnish up tomorrow with the rest of the install. Hopefully i can get a quick test flight in. After I use a battery on just having the rear arms on, I will fit the front 2 and do the same.

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    These look great. Anybody try them out? How does the disco fly differently? And what spacers are you using?

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    Looks sweet I will have them tomorrow on my Disco
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    Nice Aluminium Arms for your Discovery

    Very neat arm
    Click image for larger version. 

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    What is the reason that those arms are longer (out of curiosity)?

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