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Thread: New molded Ritewing Zephyr II

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    New molded Ritewing Zephyr II

    Here is the Ritewing ZII molded in EPOR
    The Zeph has been a work in progress for a few years, it has never been avail as a buy it now off my website.

    I have gone through extensive design tweaks over the last few years and look what has happened.

    The new one builds out with lam only and needs no weave with 90.
    It can be built an easy 8 to 10 oz lighter than the EPP version,it has the wing area of the 60" EPP version in a 56'' wingspan.
    The wing area of the 54'' EPP Zeph is appx 700 SQ inches and this one new version comes in at 770 SQ in.

    The lighter type foam ,the extra wing area and slightly new build style will really help its lower speed capabilities and easier launch and landing issues, while still retaining the original Zephs attributes

    I built both of these wings on and off over a 3 day period.

    I am thinking since its my birthday tomorrow Oct 21 I mite start a pre sale here .

    I spent some time in the factory today and they are looking great,woo hoo!!! MADE IN THE USA!!!!!

    Here is a few pix and a vid of the maidn test flight to show you the Zephs proven stability that's been passed on to the ZII .

    I figure even though the vid is not fpv I wouldn't be flying any other plane 1 ft from my face while shooting vid with my throttle hand, its a true testament of tracking and stability.

    The Cam box and skids are all in the works to get these items cnc laser cut and avail.
    The nose comes designed for this thickness of the blunt , these can be cut in and placed by the builder.
    The nose comes blunt with no cam box cut out.

    I have listened to you guys allot over the last few years and relly tried to incorporate allot of ideas while not going overboard with it being to exacting.
    This will allow for allot of newer gear and room to mod and grow with technology.

    Hope you guys like it ,I dont have my Super Duty anymore, ,lol lots of love lots of passion and way too much money has been spent to bring this to you.

    Now I can drop some prices for you in return for all the loyal support.

    Base price is appx about 130.00 $

    And sales can happen at any time,lol

    Maidn flight vid

    Email me at if you need more info

    Hey guys we have had a few issues with the ESC' s because alot of people dont understand that onces you go 4s you need a seperate bec or reciver power.
    In most ESC's the output is about 3 amps when the esc is running on 3s input power .

    The issue is once you feed the esc with 4s its bec has to work double hard to lower the voltage ,this also drops it amp supply capabilties down .
    When this happens it creates alot of heat,with our big servos and newer RX's its over amping the bec's capabilities.

    This can cause the BEC to fail and short then over volt your servos RX and even take out the motor and esc if it fails in a drastic way.
    And or melt down the entire plane.
    I always suggest using a seperate BEC with a higher volt input and higher amp output put than the ones that come in the esc.

    We are flying expensive fast planes here so dont loose your plane due to non proper setups.

    A 3 amp stock ESC BEC used on full sized servos is asking for problems, and using it on 4s is just about ensuring them.

    We have had two issues due to this and we need to help all that dont know and dont have the experiance with 4s and up.
    I have seen one esc meltdown in the plane , and one burn and take out the motor esc and one servo.
    Please use quality connectors and methods , know your amp draw and vent those esc's please.

    Here is the castle diagram on disableing a BEC thats in the esc and running a seperate BEC system.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ZII Cargo bay - Dimensions.png 
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    Annnnnnnd the proof :






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    My winter project

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    I'm definitely in. Please tell us how to order...
    About to maiden my Fascination...

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    DUDE!! That Looks Awesome
    Are those bays pre-cut?

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    Does the landing cup retract?

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    Its a breakaway cup ,lol

    Beautiful plane and the guy looks at the cup,lol

    Quote Originally Posted by cliffkot View Post
    Does the landing cup retract?

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    that black covering is out of this world, what is it?

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    130$ sounds great Whats the shipping to germany adding to it?

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