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Thread: OK so whats next?

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    OK so whats next?

    Time for the next big thing TBS to buy or preorder.You got us the Caipi and now the Disco Pro as some big things.New Motors,Lawmate 2.4module,ESC's and EZuhf tx mod and I am sure some others I am missing.You hinted you had some stuff up your sleeve so show us the next trick.
    Most of the money I made this year I spent on FPV,the rest I just wasted.

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    Is this how you're feeling?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tuned my Disco for 1 year, and now flying PERFECT without jello at high winds.
    Tuned my Caipirinha for 3 month, and now flying PERFECT
    Just tuning my TBS ZII ;-)

    So next year I'm ready for a new product, I dont think it would be the best time to launch a new product in winter.

    I'm more intrested in the Dominator HD from Fatshark and 2,4GHz equipment from ImmersionRC.

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    TBS CORE Plug & Play ... launching next week.

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    Couldn't a small FPV airship be an advantage for a prospective project as a next step after flying wings and multirotors?

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    airship? you mean a blimp?

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    CORE plug and play sounds interesting, and how this may/may not affect Discovery/Pro solutions and setups, and also how it could be used as a generic solution in other frames. Look forward to the launch.

    A quad smaller than the Discovery, retaining bomb-proof design with economic replacement of arms, to really allow pilots to explore their flying capability without too much concern, heartache or cost!

    Loving the airship idea for longer flights and scenic AP.

    Still the majority of our planet to be explored under the water, a TBS flavoured submersible along the lines of the OpenROV, although I dont know how you'd get or want to get away from dependency on umbilical cords.

    A wider range of TBS approved motors and props for the Discovery/Pro, providing sportier options etc.

    A range of complete ground station kits including tracker, recorders, all cables and video splitters for multiple goggle hookup to bring the girlfriend along for the ride etc.
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    Have done something similar.

    "TBS CORE Plug & Play ... launching next week."
    Winding up drongo's and tards since ages ago.

    "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth".

    Toys in the FPV Hangar.
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    A blimp? Lol! Plug and play CORE is a very good idea

    I'm sure I heard murmurings a while ago about a new "big" wing?
    Get out there and give it all you've got, and win just one for the Zipper.

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