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Thread: OE/AAA System access

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    OE/AAA System access

    This was sent to me today when I contacted the FAA about UAV certification.. I hope its not a duplicate posting..

    As you know the Federal Aviation Administration has the requirement for the
    regulation and safe operation of the National Airspace System which covers
    all navigable airspace. Unmanned Aircraft are unable to comply with several
    Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and need a specific FAA authorization.

    Presently only Public Aircraft Operators are eligible to apply for a
    Certificate of Waiver or Authorization, and it does not appear from your
    email that you are a government agency. Public aircraft are defined in 49
    USC 40102(a)(41) and 40125. However a Public Agency may hire/contract
    your services and apply for a COA.

    For your reference on February 6, 2007 the FAA published UAS guidance in
    the Federal Register, 14 CFR Part 91 / Docket No. FAA-2006-25714 / Unmanned
    Aircraft Operations in the National Airspace System.

    This is a quickly growing and important industry. Under FAA policy,
    operators who wish to fly an unmanned aircraft for civil use (including for
    hire) must obtain an FAA airworthiness certificate the same as any other
    type aircraft. The FAA is currently only issuing special airworthiness
    certificates in the experimental category. Experimental certificates are
    issued with accompanying operational limitations (14 CFR 91.319) that are
    appropriate to the applicant's operation. The FAA has issued several
    experimental certificates for unmanned aircraft systems for the purposes of
    research and development, marketing surveys, or crew training.

    The applicable regulations for an experimental certificate are found in 14
    CFR 21.191, 21.193, and 21.195. In general, the applicant must state the
    intended use for the UAS and provide sufficient information to satisfy the
    FAA that the aircraft can be operated safely. The time or number of flights
    must be specified along with a description of the areas over which the
    aircraft would operate. The application must also include drawings or
    detailed photographs of the aircraft. An on-site review of the system and
    demonstration of the area of operation may be required.

    You may also petition for an exemption to 14 CFR 21.191 and you would also
    need to petition for an exemption to 14 CFR 91.319 because no person may
    operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate while carrying
    persons or property for compensation or hire. Petition for exemptions can
    be submitted on-line at

    We want to be up-front, the petition to 14 CFR 21.191 are not easily
    granted, you may go completely though the process and not receive the
    experimental certificate or the exemption. Also, please be advised that the
    application for an experimental certificate will require technical diagrams
    of your aircraft and radio control equipment. Commercial UAS operations
    will also need to have a current and qualified FAA licensed pilot with the
    appropriate ratings for the airspace that you will be operating in. The
    experimental certificate application process is spelled out in FAA Order
    8130.34B ( - go to the regulations & policies link).
    If you have any additional questions about the Special Airworthiness
    Certificate or petition process, please contact Thomas Rampulla at

    Doug Gould
    FAA, ATO Mission Support and
    Flight Standards Services
    Manager, UAS Tactical Operations Section, AFS-85/AJV-115
    WP 202-385-4579 (STE)
    Cell 202-725-6091

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    With a commercial license and most likely an instrument rating required I wonder what the pay will be for the operators. On a contract basis I can imagine maybe $40-$50/hr, salaries who knows maybe $50k-$60k to start? Those certificates aren't cheap these days, maybe $50k all told. Pay right now for the larger drones is $75k starting.

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