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Thread: light weight vtx antenna,s

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    light weight vtx antenna,s

    hi guys

    if i got time,i tray to bulding some clovers for my one plane,s

    this is the best 1,3 clover i got

    there is ferrite core on coax

    here the paint still wet

    it,s now less then 7 gram

    and made from spring steel

    so if you got some utra light vtx ant idea

    show them


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    Hi guys

    Ifyou need clover for 900 to 1300 mhz

    Just mail me

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    Not bad, Rob. Not bad at all. Do you still get a little flex in the mount in case of a crash or is it fully rigid?

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that. - Performance video piloting

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    Yo buddy

    No rigid. Only coax and ferrite

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