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Thread: Foxtech d700-S 32ch-5.8g-diversity-receiver-7"-d700s-monitor

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    Foxtech d700-S 32ch-5.8g-diversity-receiver-7"-d700s-monitor

    Anyone try the new 32ch-5.8g-diversity-receiver-7-d700s-monitor

    It works with ALL 5.8 Systems

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    looking for info as well. I am thinking about using it as rx for a TBS ROOKIE TX. What antennas and what type of antenna connectors (RP SMA, etc).

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    I was looking at this Rx monitor but apparently I have been told by those who have tried - whilst it supports FatShark frequencies (5740-5860MHz) it does not display the video correctly which is a real pity because I would have bought this unit otherwise.

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    I've been using this monitor... great and light enough to mount to my TX.

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    This thing is brilliant , once you throw away conflicting versions of manuals for it .
    If you have the true 32 channel version then it supports all the Boscam / Foxtech bands ,
    Also band B is supposed to support fatshark ..
    lastly the f band is still Boscam but is the Band Walkera uses .
    The confusing thing is it is still carries the single band vesions labeling ie power to rx 1 and rx ,
    These switches are labeled seven and eight .. and are now used to select which band you use .
    So look up the actual frequency that your transmitter uses.
    Eg mine uses 5705 which is band A on this receiver { "normaly E band on others receivers "} .
    To set mine up the switches 7 & 8 go up and all the rest go down.
    The sticker on the back is accurate , and the switches shown are in the black position .
    Plug your goggles av lead into av 3 the one marked tracker link ..and you are good to go with diversity enabled.Click image for larger version. 

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    The Post by

    is opposite ie the switches are white not black.Click image for larger version. 

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    This is tolerable and great shook posting it much obliged a lot......!!!

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