Hi guys!

I need some advice on a wing FPV plane.

I've been flying the bixler 2 LOS and FPV for over a year now with great success.
The best distance I have flown out is around 1.5 KM (just under a mile) with homemade clover/spw antenna's (Thanks IBcrazy!) and crisp video.
I don't have the need to fly out any further than that.
The problem is that the bixler has put on quite some weight. It' weighs around 1200 grams, which makes takeoff and landings rather fast for my liking. Also, the space for my components has become rather crowded, and the flight time is around 15 minutes on a 2200 mah nano tech.

That's why I want to make the switch to a wing airplane. There are lots of models to choose from, but I think I know which one I want: The hobbyking FX-61 Phantom.
It's just the right size for me. (X5 is too small, X8 too large, the EPP wing planes too difficult and expensive to get to my country)
besides, wing planes look much better than the traditional models. (my personal opinion )

I need advice on building this phantom wing. I want it to fly stable, and slow (and fast if I need it to be fast). I also want it to be up there for longer. 15 minutes flying is too short for my liking.
It only needs to carry my FPV gear, and my APM2.5 autopilot + GPS.
I will be ordering the kit version so all other hardware is available for suggestions.

What power/prop/battery combo do you recommend for that plane? just to keep it up for more than half an hour and still be able to do slow landings/takeoffs. Which servos should I get for best reliability? do you experienced users have any tips on putting this bird together?
Thanks a lot!