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Thread: Chicken Powered Steadicam!

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    Chicken Powered Steadicam!

    Thought this was an appropriate subforum to post this, lol.

    Brushless gimbals eat your heart out!!! Use chicken-powered stabilization instead!

    Then, mount him on FliteTest's Fowl Flyer. (Shh...Don't tell PETA).

    And when you've had all the fun you can stand....
    ...Make some chicken sashimi!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This needs to be stickied...
    When nothing else out there will suit your needs... design and build it yourself.

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    Lol.. these guys need a real hobby. haha

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    ha! came accross this ad while browsing youtube...

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    So which works better layers or broilers? Does it make a difference?


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