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Thread: Very durable!

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    Very durable!

    While putting goggles on my unbalanced, noseheavy, plane did a nosedive into a ravine through a cluster of 4 alder trees, each about 100' high.

    The left wing came down hard on the bank of the dry creek, not a scratch on the antenna.

    Pure luck or durable work, it was slid to the side but completely intact.

    Although I lost video on impact that was from the camera getting slammed forward as the 6000mah battery came through the front of the aircraft...ripping out the connector from the OSD..........
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    Yep, I've been blown away with the quality of the Circular Wireless antenna I've used from 5.8G, 2.4G and 1.3G. Short of stepping on them (which I've avoided so far) they are holding so well to the various hits I've thrown at them for the skews. Just finishing up a video soon out covering them on some ground vehicles pretty exposed and they are holding so well even rolling onto them. Love em'!

    Really they are works of art, and the cleanest antenna I've seen both in and out of FPV. I've used some of the helicals on my ground station and they are so light weight yet durable it's a favorite for me! I also love that the 2.4 & 1.3 versions have a mount in them for tripods built into the round base and they all come with various adapters to fit any of my setups:
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    I watched Sentry fly his circular wireless skew planar wheel THROUGH a barbed wire fence. Antenna survived. The airplane didn't fare so well...

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    Big thank you, guys. Your kind comments are a true motivation.

    Scottu, I hope the rebuild of your plane won't be too expensive.

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    Have to bump this thread as the antennas are really durable I finally managed to break one (and immediately ordered a replacement). I love these antennas!
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