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Thread: DIY Your own Moxon Antenna!

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    I used the Moxon calculator at http://tippete.net/cgi-bin/moxgen.pl I used the frequency of 942(as Alex has said the calculators online calculate a bit big), the wire dimensions I used were 2mm as I was using 2mm Copper conductor from a reel of electrical cable I had.

    For the frame I have included the stl I used on my 3d printer.

    The cable and connectors I got some "RG402 RF Coaxial Cable Connector Semi-rigid" and solder connectors to fit from ebay.

    The I split the cable in a vee at the feedpiont, screen one side, center core the other.

    Hope this helps.

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    anyone have size Mooxon 868mhz ? When use canculator software m i see it so big and very diffirence

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