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Thread: DIY Your own Moxon Antenna!

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    DIY Your own Moxon Antenna!

    After posting these in another thread, I felt these links deserved a thread of their own.

    So, you want to use a Moxon Antenna, but IBCrazy's Moxons are out of stock everywhere and you are planning a long range run very soon? Or maybe you prefer to DIY all your stuff, because that's just how you roll? Well you are in luck. Today I present to you: The Moxon Antenna project!

    For the sake of full disclosure, I personally had nothing whatsoever to do with the information I am presenting here today. I was digging around the internet and found this online. As a community member I felt it was my duty to share it with you.

    First, the main site:


    Here you will find links to many different Moxons of differing frequencies. In addition, there is free downloadable software available to generate your own Moxons. No more paper calculating!

    Software page:


    And now, on to the 433mhz links:

    I found these two pages to be the best ones, with very good information on Antenna theory and a practical application build:



    Here is a link to another Moxon in the 433mhz range:


    You will note that the builders have used everything from house electric wire to Coat Hanger wire, and mounting materials from wooden blocks to thin guage PVC pipe. These things are very flexible in build method, and with only 90 degree angles to bend, are easy to make.

    While I haven't yet built one of these, and I am by no means an antenna expert, the links are to actual "in use" builds of antennas, so you know they work. So start reading, and get building!
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    Here is somewhere else you can find a how to.

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    why a Moxon? whats good about it?

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    Here are a couple I made, the smaller one is 915mhz, they look ghetto but work well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonglo View Post
    why a Moxon? whats good about it?
    I'm using a home built one with 1.3GHz Video. When compared to my omni antenna it seems to help reduce the small amount of interference from my UHF system at long distances, by standing out infront of the VRX antenna and pointing the moxon away. It is also very simple to build and is not very bulky when compared to other directional linearly polarized antennas.

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    Moxon's are great compact UHF antennas for people looking for more range and stronger signal from their LRS. They are fairly easy to make. Just be sure you use foam or wood as the former unless you can cut a hollow rectangle out of plastic or the dielectric will affect the radiation pattern.

    I am here to help anyone make their own who wants to give it a try.

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    I made my first moxon antenna tonight. I built it for 435mhz. I used 2mm coat hanger wire and it is embedded between two sheets of 5mm balsa. I will test it in the next few days, if the wind calms down, and will post back. I will be testing it with the orange uhf lrs running open lrsng which I got 2.5km with using a 1/4 wave monopole on the rx and tx. This was pretty much at its limit.
    Thanks for all your tutorials and info about FPV and antennas. Its helped me tremendously to be successful with FPV. Its much appreciated.

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    I built my own moxon to mount to my 9XR using OpenLRSng on OrangeRX module. I printed the frame using PLA and after tuning the element lengths sealed them using hotglue. I use a turnstile antenna taped under the wing on my plane so am using horizontal polarization on UHF and it works great for me!

    Some pictures of the moxon I am using:


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    Moxon on tx with a dipole on rx rocks. 6km on 100mw and rssi never fell below 45%. I'm loving this combo. Awesome!

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    Giving it a go. Just waiting for the weather to improve a little so I can get out to test it.

    Used the moxon gen program. Dialed in 14 gauge wire, 433 and started cutting. Took me about 2 hours. The longest part was the JB weld drying on the miter joints. The wood is 3/8" square and the lead is rg58

    Anyone see any immediate issues with it? or have any advice?

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