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Thread: Tiny OSD III Problem

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    Exclamation Tiny OSD III Problem

    I bought a tiny osd iii and went to do the firmware upgrade, it said success and then after that it never worked again, also computer cannot connect to it anymore. Anyone have any ideas? is there a way to delete everything and start over? ive tried contacting skylark but have not heard back from them.


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    You will just have to wait to hear from Skylark I'm afraid. It could be anything. Maybe just send it straight to them with all the details. It may be quicker that way. They don't seem to have a very responsive customer backup service at all.

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    just tonight I installed the latest config program, and set it to windows xp service pack 3 compatible in the preferences of the program (windows 7). once i did that, the whole thing worked. Before I set the compatibility mode mine was failing to communicate though the usb interface nor was it working on the camera system. as of this point I'm running 2.8 perfectly fine. Try it and see if it helps. I hope it does for you guys, as i don't think it was a lucky fluke.

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