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Thread: Ritewing Zephyr FPV Build Manual

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssassen View Post
    You guys do realize that'll be totally illegal and off the books right?
    It would't need to be a commercial product, just for R&D purposes in a limited circle of people...

    If you can do both channels (2370&2510), I would take two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssassen View Post
    Anybody flying a Zeph without the winglets? I'm tempted to try on mine as I find it way too sensitive to wind, even when loaded with heavy batteries and flying it fast.
    cut angles at the tips and induce some flex in the wing with an iron over the laminate (so that the edge of the wing, near the winglet, is slightly "plane" this is also called washout, torsion, etc)
    this should give nearly as much stability as the winglets, despite the fact that inverted flight capabilities will be slightly degraded.

    the cuts also create the additional drag (= stability)
    see crashtesthobby wings to get a visual clue of what is to be done

    if you wanna be sure of what you're doing it'd suggest to model the wing with the cuts on any airframe analysis software. but doing it instinctively probably gives decent results too

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    Good suggestions, I did something similar to my Xeno long ago. I'll give it a go.
    Purveyor of the FPV secret sauce at ImmersionRC

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    This is the overall layout. I have an extra OSD that I have laid on top of the wing.. Simply a stock immersion system "but" I added a 12v camera with the stepup from readymaderc (i think you designed it) and the Law Mate 500mH Tx. As you can see I have replaced the immersion Tx.

    Lawmate Tx

    This is how the lawmate PSU is wired..

    PSU manual

    On the cable from the OSD to the camera I have connected the woven sheilding to the ground on the camera side and covered the whole cable (ground, 5v, 12v after stepup, stepup etc.) I didn't connect that shield on the OSD side.


    Is this solder union locking me out of channel 4?

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    Well I just fried the Lawmate PSU... Plugged it in backwards and smoked it.. Back to channel 3 wishing I had a clean 2510... Sander

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    Let your perspective soar
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    Cedar, always love your build pics. Sorry about the Lawmate PSU... I'm still on an Immersion Tx, so I look forward to hearing about how the Lawmate compares. I just got a big boost in range from a pair of Blubeam antennas.

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    Thanks Jimm...
    I have some of those bluebeams I'm going to try on the Mikrokopter..

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good PSU?

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    Hi all what graupner DES servos are you using? The 13mm ones?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallibab View Post
    Hi all what graupner DES servos are you using? The 13mm ones?
    The weapon of choice is Graupner No. 7946 DES 708 BB MG

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    Still looking for an european laminate source, if someone wakes up

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