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Thread: SurveilZone Cameras

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    SurveilZone Cameras

    Curious, has anyone shopped here before?

    They have board cameras for $30.

    I'm not affiliated with them at all, I just want to know if they are a reputable company. Anyone?

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    Re: SurveilZone Cameras

    I just bought a pixim cam and a 1.3ghz 800mw vtx from them. They arrived 2 days ago. Have not yet tested but everything looks legit. Seller communication was terrible though. My order disappeared out of my history the day after i paid, and I had to contact customer service repeatedly to organize shipment and finally get a tracking number out of them. Prices are good though, it could be they are having growing pains

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    I have two 600tvl board cams coming from them. Ordered June 26...I will let ya know when they show. I have a buddy that has them and says they are good.
    30 bucks is what sold me too...
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    that one's the 0420 right?

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    dang, good price. I want!

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    I bought a few to test them out and they seem legit. The board is a bit different than my older 420's with some IC's and passives that are a little smaller. The pinouts for cables are the same and the firmware looks and works the same. In the air it works fine too. They do seem like a startup though as my order had issues that they took care of nicely by upgrading the shipping.
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    As to their customer service:

    I ordered a couple of things and had an issue with my account, dumb question really. Sent it to their info@ addy and got a "real" human written response that explained the issue quite well about an hour and fifteen minutes later.


    Edit: BTW, I got the odd feeling (I could be waaay off here) that it was the same person that answered a question I had asked of SC2000. Are these the same companies?
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    AW: SurveilZone Cameras

    I recently ordered a Sony 600 and communications with customer support was great. Shipping with tracking about 20h after ordering.

    And far the best price for the Sony all over the net.

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    ordered a seawolf yesterday. will report back.

    they have 700tvl 960H cameras for $31, i'm tempted

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    I ordered 2 cameras and 2 receiver/tx bundles from them. I didn't need the VTx's from the bundle, and they were extremely accommodating. They immediately made me a very reasonable refund for the cost of the Tx's, and then even upgraded my shipping for free! Best prices around! They were awesome at communicating with me, and I'll definitely do future business with them.

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