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Thread: Founder of FPV Manuals and GetFPV launches Lumenier FPV Equipment Company

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    Congrats on your new venture!

    It'd be nice to be able to order the QAV540 kit as part of a package that includes the motors, ESCs, gimbal board, props, flight controller board, etc.

    Being relatively new to quads I haven't got a box of spares sitting around to outfit a chassis, and I'm not super inclined to go hunting for various components on on multiple sites (and thus pay shipping costs from multiple sites) and so on. The fewer sites I have to visit to get a new airframe flying, the happier I'll be.

    I'm just sayin'...

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    The only part that is not available from get (yet) is the gimbal control board. Everything else is there.

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    Congratulation Tim. I can't wait to start seeing them Lumenier quads flying at my field.

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    WHY?!?! Just asking!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyKY View Post
    WHY?!?! Just asking!!!
    I tried to address that in an earlier post:

    So far the response to the new Lumenier brand has been phenomenal. We have a lot of new products on the schedule that I'm really excited about and you'll soon learn more about. These are exciting times for our hobby.

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