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Thread: Founder of FPV Manuals and GetFPV launches Lumenier FPV Equipment Company

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    FPV-The RC modeler dream! HobbyWireless's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    San Antonio, Texas, USA

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    Navigator rcroadtrain's Avatar
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    Sydney Australia
    Ive got a long way to go to get half as good as Juz.. great vision, excellent choice of music!
    real trucks bend in the middle.

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    Nice one mate. I've always enjoyed dealing with you guys. Glad to be able to siphon more of my bank account to you.

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    Great Tim, you cannot lose with Juz and MidwestRob piloting.

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    S. Florida
    What frame was that shot on? Woah that was sick

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    Congrats. I have my eyes on a QAV540 / Gimbal - one day hope to be ordering one.

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    May 2013
    Congrats Tim Love Your Quads, Great Video Aswell.

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    Congrats Tim and team! Love the brand name, the logo and you couldn't have picked two better pilots to lead the examples of the gear. I'm using Midwest Rob's settings on my QAV400 and they are awesome sauce.

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    @bayareaheli....I feel like we should fly together. Our names are a little too close

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    Awesome branding/logo. The site is cool. On Chrome on my iPad the buy nav button wraps and I get a blue notice box under the slider saying that it couldn't parse the user agent string. When I tap on Lipo Batteries it just reloads the homepage... works fine. That pack looks interesting... Hope to pick up one of your frames once I get more experience on my starter quad.

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