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Thread: RMRC Video/Photo Thread!

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    Nice range!... Im all 5.8 right now and would like to go 1.3 eventually as well... do you know if there is any benefit to going with any higher than 800mW of the RMRC Tx? I haven't done too much reading on what people's reviews of the different wattages yet. Thanks

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    I didn't see this thread till just now and therefore didn't make the video with the RMRC clip at the front... but... here's one of mine that is nearly 100% RMRC sourced gear. Only things I can think of that weren't sourced from RMRC was some plastidip for paint (local autoparts store), my RVOSD, and the GoPro.

    My "RMRC" setup:
    Penguin V2 with upgraded power kit
    Finwing 390 Pan Tilt
    Taranis X9D
    RMRC 3S 8000 mah Battery
    Ezuhf 8-ch w/diversity setup
    400mw 1.3Ghz Vtx
    6A BEC
    A pair of dipoles for the ezUHF RX
    Semi rigid dipole for the ezUHF TX
    VAS 1.3 Pepperbox
    VAS 1.3 SPW Antenna
    Oracle video diversity
    10.1" LCD monitor

    and miscellaneous other stuff (a few cables/connectors) that I probably forgot about..

    And here is my 1-song-long video of flying the RMRC-setup listed above in the Canadian Rockies..
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    EchelonFPV - Team Based FPV & Formation Flying
    GroundStationTV - FPV Build/Tech Info and Entertainment
    TonkaSummit - The Best Ground Vehicle in FPV!

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    I'll play.

    RD230/270 multi-rotor frame
    Naze32 Acro flight controller (from RMRC)
    Cleanflight 1.9.0 PID controller 1
    DYS BLHeli 20A ESCs
    Cobra 2204/32 1960kv motors
    MinimOSD + MWOSD 1.4.1 firmware
    Sony Super HAD II 600tvl 2.8mm lens
    At the time of this video: D4R-ii 2.4Ghz receiver (no longer use this due to very poor range)
    Currently using EzUHF 4-channel lite receiver in PPM mode (from RMRC)
    RMRC 300mW 1.3Ghz vTx (from RMRC) with home made 1/4 wave dipole antenna.
    zippy 2200mAh 4S 35C battery
    Taranis x9D+
    Currently using taranis + EzUHF Jr module (from RMRC)
    At the time of video: 5x45 gemfan props (from RMRC)
    currently: 6x4.5 DAL props (from RMRC)

    Ground station: (partially retired now)
    900Mhz-1.3Ghz RMRC vRx (from RMRC)
    fatshark 5.8Ghz Ground station repeater (from RMRC)
    zippy 2200mAh 3S battery

    Fatshark Dominator v2
    NexwaveRF 5.8Ghz vRx module for dominator v1/v2 (from RMRC)
    current: LaserBGC 1.3Ghz vRx module for dominator v1/v2 (eliminates the need for the ground station unless I have spectators or need to race/fly on 1258Mhz)

    current setup:

    Props changed to DAL 5x4.5BN (broke all of my 6" props lol)
    Added RunCam HD
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    BlueFO FPV Maiden

    I added some FPV equipment to my RA Cores - EPP BluFO Flying Wing I got from ReadyMadeRC

    It went pretty well for my first flight.
    Here are a few pics

    .Click image for larger version. 

Name:	08 BluFO.JPG 
Views:	117 
Size:	127.2 KB 
ID:	66092Click image for larger version. 

Name:	09 BluFO.JPG 
Views:	125 
Size:	120.2 KB 
ID:	66093Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FPV BlueFO.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	167.2 KB 
ID:	66094

    Here is my first FPV flight.

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    Awesome videos. Breath taking scenery.

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    McKinney, Tx.
    RMRC Mini Skyhunter

    Mine flys really nice and has a lot of the bells and whistles installed. COG is right on the aileron servo wires. First fixed wing FPV. I did replace all the servo linkages as the originals were too loose. About 3/4 throttle and she just flies away.

    RMRC mini skyhunter PNP.
    Cyclops Storm FC/OSD.
    RMRC 700xn FPV camera.
    Spektrum AR8000 receiver.
    Immersion 600mw 5.8 transmitter.
    VAS LHCP Airblade antenna.
    Strobon nav/strobe lights.
    3200 mah 3s Lipo battery.
    Homemade pan/tilt.
    RMRC BEC's. One for the receiver and another for separate battery powering the lights.
    RMRC LC filter.
    RMRC servo extender for pan servo.

    RMRC ground station.
    Immersion Duo 5800 diversity receiver.
    LHCP VAS Airblade and 5.8 Pepperbox antennas.
    Fatshark Dominator V2 goggles.


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    Destruction video of my ReadyMadeRC Goby. They've already honored the warranty, plate arrives today.

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    My HellBender 122mm. MUTE THE SOUND.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160729_232524_LLS.jpg 
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ID:	75215

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