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Thread: OpenLRS 100mw with Moxon

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    OpenLRS 100mw with Moxon

    Hi Alex,

    I posted this question in the RC Tech forum a few days ago but it didn't get answered so I figure I'll just ask you directly. What kind of range would I be able to achieve using two OpenLRS receivers (100mw, one as transmitter) with your Moxon antenna mounted on TX and something like a dipole on the receiver?

    I'm trying to achieve a good, solid 2-3 mile control system without going full out with a LRS setup just yet.

    Thanks for your insight.

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    2-3 miles should be easy so long as you set it up properly. If you fly into highnoise floor it might have some issues.

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that.

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