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Thread: SkyTrek: 3D printed, foldable, silent, fly-everywhere FPV plane

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNug View Post
    So twin boom props, or are you changing to single boom?
    Single boom. This is why I said radical change.

    Quote Originally Posted by boopidoo View Post
    Is that the camera? Why not mount it inside the dome? If it's not larger then that it should not be impossible to fit.
    Again, radical change. SkyTrek (which will be finished and will fly) has two issues: quite heavy and bloody expensive to print. SkyTrekII will concentrate on weight savings. The only common thing is the name and the "foldability", everything else is going to be very different.

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    I can't breathe Hans's Avatar
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    How's this project going?

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    I would really love to see how this is going as I realized I need something like this this weekend. Any updates?

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    Nice reading sircana I hope to see more soon

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    The SkyTrek2 is sitting in my workshop almost finished, but I had to put on hold all my projects some months ago until I'll complete a critical one.

    Basically it's bigger, lighter, and more compact than the first version. Not as good looking, but more practical. All the changes were based on using Ian Davidson's Boomprop.

    This is how it looks right now. Just need to cover the tail and do a simple installation in the provisional fuselage for maiden it and then redesign the final fuselage:

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    Certainly looks different to the v1 lol.

    I can certainly see that it will be very easy to break down for travel. The wings don't concertina anymore right? They just break into 4 manageable pieces?

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    I WANT ONE DAMN IT. Love the boom prop btw, I have a design drawn up that uses it but can't afford the R&D

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    Ok, it has been almost exactly a year. Time for some updates!
    About to maiden my Fascination...

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    Hi Sircana, any news??

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    Hy! Any news?

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