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Thread: What Are Your Favorite FPV Videos???

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    Team black sheep does really nice movies.

    However I really like this one

    Nice music and nice editing and also most importand, nice FPV flying to

    Cudjos / Kajaken

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    FPV'n Around
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    FPV'n Around... My Fave for the 2011 Christmas break!!

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    I like that skywalker one a lot. But one vid that stood out from all the ones I watched is Brosius's 'best of 2011'.... Just watched it again... awesome, it's even got a damn pod of whales in it! (ermm i think).

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    Me like this one, maybe not epic but I like this kind of FPV, mostly the side view of the model in flight!


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    And this one was inspirational to me as well...


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    Does it count to post videos I worked on?... I aim for "epic" on some of my videos

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    This was one of the coolest I've done.

    Story behind the video is quite entertaining. My father in law is actually in the balloon as a passenger and I was 8km out by the time I turned around and I flew home. I was chasing the balloon in my car trying to find a good spot to launch from, which would give me clear LOS all the way out in the direction the wind was blowing. I launched the plane 2 mins after parking the car and recalibrated the antennatracker as I was flying, by that time the balloon had already drifted several kilometers out. By the time I reached it (full throttle, close to 100kph) I was 5km out and started circling around it. I only had enough juice left for a few passes, as the way back was 8km against a 25kph breeze.

    Moral of the story? Don't try this unless you know what you're doing and know what your gear is capable of.
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    This is the video that sold me on FPV multirotor. Has all my favorite elements, minus boobs.

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    Starting at 500ft, i'm speeding up to outrun a F117 fighter plane that has locked me on his radar with his heat seeking misiles. But my home-made plane has a MEGAWatt 1600terravolt motor and the F177 is simply not fast enough to keep up with me. The pilot make s the sign with his hands 'you're the man' right before i break the sound barrier in a barrelroll. End.

    ***There was a piece of art here, but it became a victim of format-error***
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    Trappy + Matterhorn = All time Favorite

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