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Thread: What Are Your Favorite FPV Videos???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
    Yup, the mini quad scene with all the money and competition really threw this hobby for a loop.
    Personally, I don't mind keeping fixed wing out of the spotlight. I do think that the wing racing will get more attention as things progress though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbon View Post

    it does seem to be the one niche that people still don't care that much about. If I'm flying a quad in a park these days I get lots of people stopping, asking about privacy and legality, etc. But with a wing most people could care less which is great for us that just want to fly and have fun with it. Wing racing will take of but I don't think it will ever be as widely publicized as mini quad racing.
    Yup exactly. Spacebar thing is a bug. I just changed forum colors to see if that fixes it.

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    Personally I see the popularity of racing quads or even wings as a good thing, it gets big money, sports channels etc involved so it makes us all too big to squish like a fly.

    It does however focus tech on a different market, which is not always best for the whole sport.

    Myself I also prefer doing more than just racing, most of what I have is for medium to long range.


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    can't seem to find a video sharing thread so i'm sharing here. Redirect me you may :P

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    best friggin thread of all time!

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    ^sheesh that jogged a 10 year old memory.

    I don't think he was even "Trappy" at that point. I think he was "nastycop420" at that point.

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