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    So you get one of these high current chargers...

    Quick derail.

    What can you charge a regular turnigy 3s 20c 2200mah at? I've always gone with 2.2 amps.

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    I use the accucell 6 charger, x2. Happy with them but with supplied leads charging at 5 amp the jack gets very hot and sometimes breaks connection now ( didnt when first bought )
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    man 20000 you will prolong the life of your lipo charging @ 1c (2.2ah for a 2200) you can go higher but increase the risk of a fire. more expensive batts can be charged alot higher. nanotech or thunderpower up around 6c

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    I have a hyperion 720 duo3 that works great. Mainly because of the programmable memories, since i use it for so many different types of packs between planes, helis, and cars. Plus its 500w x 2 so it can charge at a good rate even with the 4S 5000's for my RC8.

    I had two turnigy chargers that were mediocre at best; one was only a 50w charger and the other one the buttons got so bad you had to bash em with the butt end of a screwdriver for them to actuate.

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    For the extra money, I'd go with the Cellpro Powerlab 8 . I use it for my 8 cell 3D electrics (2 4S in parallel). Charges a pair of Turnigy 4S4000's in about 15 minutes at 3C. It can also discharge back into your battery. They are also known for their safety. I opted to spend more for the charger and less for the batteries just so I don't have a mountain of lipos to carry around.

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    I'm a big fan of the iCharger line. I currently am using the 1010b+.

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    I second the motion for an iCharger! I bought a 106B+ when I started flying some 6S 5000 packs in a larger plane, and love it! I haven't used anything that will do more than one pack at a time, but the iCharger lineup is pretty versatile, you can even team up multiple chargers if I remember right.
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    Sentry~ Have you pulled the trigger on one yet?

    I LOVE my Hyperion Super Duo3 charger. With an adequate power supply, I can charge 2 batteries at once with each individual port putting out 20.0amps. If you buy nice batteries, like nanos or new TP packs, they are capable of 10c charging... meaning that I can take my 2200 3s battery (capable of a 10c/22.2amp charge rate) charge it at 20amps and it is fully balanced charged in about 7-8 minutes.

    I know people are hesitant to charge that fast, but I have been charging this way (after a 4 cycle break in period) for over a year on these batteries with no ill signs. My batteries have just as much pop and no swelling as the day I got them.

    Also, with the Electron Club, you will save about $30 plus get free shipping.

    Have you been able to narrow down your options based on what you like?

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    + 1 on a high output charger. I have a b6 bough from ebay HK, works flawless, but only 50W like all cheapos. My 3S2P Nanos can take 35 amps charge ( wow BSB, that is great data !!) but Im limited to 4.5 A

    the adequate power supply mentioned is a very important factor of the equation, IMO.

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    Parallel charging is the way to go. It can be done quickly and safely if you are careful. I was charging 3 5000 mah and 2 2200 mah 3 cell batteries at the same time on my 208B charger last weekend. You can charge different capacity batteries as long as the cell count is the same. I finally got some good power supplies so I need to get a bigger charger. Especially for charging my 6S 5000 mah batteries that my 700E helicopter takes.

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