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    2 questions

    Question 1 : i want to swap my rudder for airlon on rth. now the rudder servo is going straight to rudder receiver ch 4. the airlon servo is going to osd airlon in and osd airlon out is going to receiver ch 1. do i disconnect the rudder servo from my receiver ch 4 and plug into airlon in on osd and osd out to my receiver rudder or airlon. and what do i do with airlon servo , witch ch.

    Question 2 : on hardware osd programming i clicked battery A and my battery is a 1300 mha .what should i put to let me know when it down low for alarm. do i set it like 300 mha so when it reaches that the alarm goes off or do i put 1300mha and then it tells me on alarm its getting low.

    Many thanks to anyone that has 1 or both answers.

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    im thinking rudder servo to airlon in and the out goes to my rudder ch 4 and my airlon just connects to rx ch 1 is that right. just sumatute airlon for rudder since both inand out go thru osd and to rudder port.not sure on battery question

    update i think i have problem 1 worked out heres number 2.

    I have a 1550 3 c battery im useing for my fpv. It is connected to the elogger and i have the A bat icon check and it shows up at full battery on display. in battry ma settings i listed my battery at 1500 checked low alarm and texed low battery land soon. but when i turn on my goggles it displays a fully battery icon but alarm texts says low battery land soon.
    if im using a 1550 battery do i have to set it lower or do i do a voltage. since its a 11.1 v do ist it lower then 11.1 v. either way which way do i set volts or mha and were for 1550 battery
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    Hi Shepster,

    Re Question 1, you can use either rudder or aileron, but if you are using our Guardian stabilizer with RTH, I would recommend aileron. But, you might want to post the type of plane you have, and others may have a different opinion.

    Re question 2, for mAH you set the mAH battery capacity from the main OSD menu, and then on the "mAH" parameter you set the value for the alarm. So, if you want it to alarm at 300 mAH, you would set a "low alarm" for that value, and set your overall mAH to 1300 in the main OSD menu.

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    Thanks so much for the info. im flying the bixler from hk

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