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Thread: Bad 2.3 transmitter

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    I put your tx on the frequency counter and its transmitting on 2.1 GHz. I removed the board and could not find anything visually wrong with it. My guess is the quartz crystal got damaged in the impact? I sent you a PM on replacing it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chatch15117 View Post
    Hi I bought the 700mw unit a few months ago and put it on my rvjet. It has a heatsink and is not overheating. However the video goes black after a few minutes.
    It IS overheating. You absolutely cannot run those without the case! I have tried several times and done many experiments. Even right in the prop wash they get quite warm.

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    Can any of them be run bare and be ok or do they all need at least a heatsink? Thinking of trying something besides the Lawmates until IRC quits teasing us and gets a new 2.4 lineup out.
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    I agree with Alex, you do need a heatsink. The main power transistor is on the backside in the middle. I mount my TX face down (LED down) and stick a heatsink on the middle of back. So far I have not had any issues. A heatsink on the front will probably not be sufficient.

    This is the one I use, it has the sticky back.

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    I run a heatsink on mine with OCZ Freeze thermal paste. the TX is also coated in copper tape for equal heat distribution.
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    he wrote he has a heatshink tho

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