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Thread: Ready to Fly Micro MQX Blade Quadcopter. Anyone interested?

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    Ready to Fly Micro MQX Blade Quadcopter. Anyone interested?

    Hello everyone.

    Im considering offering a ready to fly micro multirotor. My thought was to offer the Blade MQX Micro Quad. In case your not familliar with this model, it flies amazing and can be paired with a Spektrum Radio. You can seea link clicking HERE.

    I found a tested a micro 5.8Ghz transmitter & receiver set that would be a perfect match. They can even accept IBCrazy BluBeam Antennas. The entire airborne set is about 6g.

    I would really like to offer a fully ready to fly option, but Im wondering how many people would be interested before I invest time and money.

    The retail price for the Blade MQX with all the FPV gear installed, ready to go would be about $245.

    I created a survey to see how many people are interested. If you think you might be please enter your information and I can alert you if & when its ready for sale. I promise I wont use the information for SPAM or marketing emails. I simply want to keep track of interest.

    To get on the list click here

    Thank you.

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