I have a question for the RF gurus. I am busy building a back pack ground station and so far I am rather unsatisfied with my effort so far. I am using correx to stiffen up the bag and add some necessary compartments for my FPV gear in the main pocket of the bag but it has not turned out as I expected. I cut, bend and work with sheetmetal for a living so I was thinking to scrap the correx and use aluminium sheetmetal instead. My ground station will need to have two antennas, not on diversity but rather selected for the flight planned at the time, a skew planar wheel and a crosshair antenna (1.3ghz). The SPW will be outside of the bag on an extension when in use and the crosshair will be in the front pocket which will be open and pointed in the right direction when in use.

What I want to know is will my aluminium compartment I wish to make for the main interior pouch of the bag going to affect the crosshair in the front pocket? Will it possibly induce multipathing? Or will it only reduce or block any signal to the sides and rear of the antenna (which would have been limited in the first place)?