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Thread: Brown Pants Thread

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    There's some repeat posters on this thread lol.

    I managed to turf a Radian starting 2:33. More full-on fail than brown pants.

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    Overheard the telemetry call out. I however thought I was in the air for a (too) long time and decided to come in and land. Did not quite make the last pass over the river as you might derive from the title. Worthwhile mentioning it was only my second flight with that kwad and brandnew GoPro Session 5. SAR mission took an hour and it was getting really dark. (Sorry for the link, I still have to upload the longer version to youtube). Feel free to follow me on Insta if you like the video, thank you!


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    Not sure if I can clean these undies, after this.
    I learned lots on this flight today.
    1) Have your GPS set, when you fly a new location you are not familiar with
    2) Have your GPS set, when its windy when you fly a new location
    3) Expect the unexpected. Full scale pilots love to fly in valleys!
    4) Dont try to get more out of your pack. If you used 33% on the first climb, you'll use at least that much on the second, plus your reserve buffer.
    5) Be sure of where your plane is. Especially when cross wind can carry you sideways, mountain peaks start looking the same after a while.
    6) That reserve buffer in your battery needs to support an unexpected downwind return to home!

    All in all, it was a fun flight. A little too much adrenaline / brown stain for my preference, but any successful flight is a good flight.
    Get me a Crocodile sandwich. And make it snappy.

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    Pylons sneaked up on Mini Drak:

    [I]"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."[/I]

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    I was out intending to go for an FPV slope soaring session. I had the Cularis up to see what the conditions were like as it was a little more windy than I had anticipated when this fellow showed up. Not looking to risk the FPV ship after this.

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    Bit of a rough movie but no stabilisation on this one.
    Trying to land in a confined area.

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