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Thread: Ready to HOVERING THINGS Flip FPV

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    Hovering Things vs. Hoverthings

    Quote Originally Posted by Future-Hobbies View Post
    Hello everyone!

    I'm very excited to introduce our "Ready To Fly" Flip FPV Quadcopter from HOVERING THINGS.
    I saw the "Hovering Things" mentioned a couple of times and my first thought is that someone was trying to rip off Hoverthings by making a play on words. Then I went to Future Hobbies and sure enough, they are assembling Hoverthings Flip FPV quads. Someone at FPV Labs made a few clerical errors😱

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    Yup. I got that spam too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Winston View Post
    Is this forum now sending out Spam? Here's what I found in my email box this morning:


    Hey Winston,

    It's Sentry here with a quick update from Future Hobbies. They have put together a RTF multi-rotor project that will be sure to gain some steam and take some of the effort off your hands of fielding a working multi-rotor.

    Check it out -->

    Future Hobbies has you covered!!

    Thank you for supporting FPVLAB!!


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    So what, this comes RTF but doesn't come with a TX / RX Control?

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    Any plans for a Futaba package or one we can add our own receiver???

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpvessier View Post
    Any plans for a Futaba package or one we can add our own receiver???
    Yeah I agree, if this had an add on with a RC rx/tx package (the same as the FPV ground station etc)
    I would have purchased one strait away, but on finding that this copter didnt have an add on package with an RC rx/tx I am still leaning more towards the disco.

    Just a thought

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    Looking at the prizes I'm sure glad that I build mine myself

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    You guys talking about spam all have like 60 posts and under so you are obviously new here. When the lab gets a new sponsor Jason (sentry) emails it to the members. It's not spam, just be happy that there is more support to keep the LAB up and running... We try to keep it civil here, head to RCG if you want drama.
    FPV is not a crime!

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    What happened to the website? I saw this earlier today and wanted some more info. I've been trying tu build and tune my own quad to no avail, everytime I am close it seems another component fails. Something RTF might be nice to actually get airborne for more then 5 minutes.

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    futurehobbies is down

    Got the Apache server hello world this morning when I went to look at this.

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    Check out my 6s hoverthings flip FPV for questions about it just ask.

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