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Thread: Los Angeles, westside

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    Los Angeles, westside

    Checking in from West Los Angeles area.

    Got started with FPV early 2012 by buying a FatShark package on HK and hooking it up to an offroad RC truck. Drove it around the office and showed it off to co-workers. I knew it would be fun, but was surprised at just how crazy fun it really is! We still have a lot of fun terrorizing the office, delivering drinks and candy, blasting music.

    I've logged some hours flying thermals with foamie gliders over the years. Recently started flying the EZ Star. Certainly not a big deal, but was fun to fly motorized for the first time.

    In the process of building a Twin Star with brushless motors. Almost done. Once I'm comfortable flying it, will add on the FPV gear and see how it goes!

    I'd love to meet other FPV'ers near me, since otherwise I guess it could be a fairly lonely hobby.

    I've been very grateful to find this forum. Seems like lots of fantastic members are on here, with tons of talent and experience.

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    Welcome to the Lab!
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    It took me longer than planned, but I got the TwinStar done. Basic build, with upgraded motors. Haven't added any FPV gear yet.

    My previous flying experience is with less powerful planes, like the EasyStar.

    I did one maiden flight. It was so windy though... I decided not to try to learn a completely new plane while dealing with the wind. Even after 4 minutes in the air I can tell it's plenty powerful and will be a blast to fly.

    Hopefully soon I'm confident enough flying it LOS with no FPV gear, then I'll add basic FPV and try my first FPV flight!
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    Congrats on the build. You know Santa Clarita riverbed is just waiting for you to maiden that with goggles. :-)

    Need a spotter on a weekend morning. just holla.

    Happy flying.

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    hit me up we are going up to the azusa canyon this sunday morning to do some fpv flying

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    It really hurts. Total loss of the plane today. It took way longer than I had wanted, but I got the TwinStar flying and got comfortable flying it with no FPV gear. Then this afternoon I put the bare bones FPV gear on for the first time... just a camera and transmitter. It came together easy and looked great and I was super excited! I took a spotter with me to my normal flying area. She wore the goggles at first while I flew the plane around. Everything was working great.

    I had her put the goggles on me and then she watched the plane so she could explain to me how to get home if I got too far. Things went OK for a while... I could see fine and I was able to keep the plane level. But then two big misunderstands came together to cause disaster:

    First: I underestimated the difficulty of understanding the plane's location relative to "home". I had read this is tricky, especially for the first timer, but in my case it was basically impossible. Yes, I could tell when I was flying into the sun, and when I was headed towards the ocean. But to my sorrow, that didn't seem to help me figure out how to fly home. I never once was able to make out "home" or even have a rough guess of where it was. I guess part of the problem was just the overall newness of the experience and the ever changing view. Eventually I drifted very far away without even realizing it...

    Second: I didn't make it clear to my spotter what I meant by, "Don't let me get too far away. And if I get lost, i'll have you take off the goggles and show me exactly where the plane is, so I can come in for a landing". When I realized I wasn't going to find home in FPV, I asked her to take my goggles off and point out the plane to me. She took the goggles off and pointed... and I saw nothing. I was profoundly confused. And then I did see the plane... so far away it was basically impossible to make out its attitude. I struggled mightily for some long, awful moments to pilot it, but it just wasn't working and it started losing altitude and became harder to see. In desperation I had my spotter put the goggles back on me. I was awarded a few more awful moments of kind of being able to fly, this time in FPV... and then seemed to drift too far out of R/C range to maintain good control. From what I could tell, I ploughed into a far away hillside.

    I feel just awful, it was all my fault. I didn't truly know what I was doing, and I utterly failed to train my spotter properly on the kind of guidance I needed. It's not the money or even the time invested in the plane that stings the most. I guess it's mainly the feeling of failure that hurts so much... I guess it's an ego thing, ha ha.

    This makes me wonder what the best one or two upgrades would have been to avoid this. Perhaps just an OSD that points to home?

    Well, back to the drawing board! I suppose there's some bit of hope I might go hiking around and stumble upon the plane... or someone might find it and return it. But while I'm hoping for that, I guess I'll start lining up my purchases...

    Thanks to anyone listening to my story of woe... and any good advice is certainly welcome.
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    We've all been there, stick with it and persevere, you'll be successful.

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    Thanks mike20sm, I appreciate it.

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    Hey FPVguy, now I especially want to take you up on your offer, after trying to FPV maiden in less forgiving terrain and losing the plane. Sadly it seems to take me months to put a rig together, but I'll look around for you when I'm ready to try the skies again. I hope you've been having some summer fun at the riverbed!

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    Retrieved lost plane

    My wife and I found the plane. It was up a rugged hillside. Looked like it went down very hard into a not-soft tree. Lots of breakage. Was exposed to the great outdoors for almost 2 weeks, but this is temperate southern California, summer time.
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