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Thread: Vrx SAW filter upgrade

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    Vrx SAW filter upgrade

    I just finished doing the SAW filter upgrade to my receiver. However, my receiver had a 4-pin stock filter while the replacement was a 3-pin. I soldered in the 3-pin using the orientation that everyone with 3-pin stock filters uses (ie: holding the board right side up and so pins and wires are near me, two pins of SAW filter are near to me and one at away and right).

    Anyhow, Vrx still works, but I have a question:

    -Is this correct?
    -If the install is incorrect, will the Vrx still work with reduced range/increased noise or will it simply not work? (I guess to trouble shoot this, there are two separate questions/cases: firstly, what is the result if SAW filter is completely removed, and secondly, what is result if pins are mixed up)

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    If it works, it is right. Those SAW filters only work one way. I also suggest adding a blob of solder to ground the can to the metal case surrounding it.

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that.

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    I have the stock RMRC Racewood vRx, and a SAW filter, but unsteady hands. Anyone in Colorado think they can do this upgrade for me?

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    I have the same issue my last batch of 1.2 GHz receivers have a new tuner in them with a F480-2 dual channel 4 pin SAW filter. I tried the D480A 3 pin in place and it works great. The only thing I'm worried about is why they used the dual channel one? I did some ground testing and can't find any issue with it.

    Also noticed the new tuner is much more resistant to UHF noise. I had my Rangelink right next to it and could barely get any static.

    SecretSpy711, if you want to mail me your RX I'll install the filter for you.

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    The little tab

    Just did my filter today. If yours is like mine it will have a little tab on the outer edge of the filter. The new one should also have this tab. Just make sure the tab is facing the same way and get the three pins and don't worry about the fourth. As mentioned above dont forget to ground it out. Also I was warned not to drop the saw filter as it has sensitive crystals and will pretty much just be trash if you do. (they were cheap so I got more than one just in case.)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Heres a photo I pulled off google to show you the tab im talking about. just remember what way that is facing when you take it out and put the new one in the same way and solder the three pins that come threw.

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    Hi to everyone.
    Last night I changed the SAW filters in my two lawmate receiver, NMF480-2 (pass band 27 MHz) for D480A (pass band 16,6 MHz), the only tools I used was an electrical vacuum solder sucker. The filter only has tree soldered pins and no other solder.
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