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Thread: Build a wing from these motors

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    Suggest a wing for these motors

    So I was hoping to build a wing for general sight-seeing, cruising FPV purposes. No pocket rockets here. Was hoping to be able to reuse some of my stuff that's just lying around.

    I have a 60a ESC and a couple of motors that have been tested and working. The maroon/red one is a 650kv, unfortunately I forgot where I bought it and what the brand is so no specs on that one except I remember that I used to run it on 4s on a 14x7 prop. The plane it used to come from is a fiberglass scale Beaver.

    The blue one is an EMAX 2826/06 that can take 12-13" props and 3s or 4s as indicated on the motor can, and I used it on an EP Extremeflight Edge. Specs are here on this motor - http://www.emaxmodel.com/views.asp?hw_id=114

    FPV payload would be the usual vtx, gopro, sony 600tvl, gps.

    I was wondering what wing would fit the bill for any of these 2 motors and the 60a ESC. Flights that I'm after for are long, cruising flights. If it could be fast as well, although I doubt it given the KV of the motors, but I have no qualms about that either

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance
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    You could try building a Divinity or a Mr.Mapper.
    Both of those can be chopped out in an evening. Mr.Mapper will fly and climb with full fpv gear on a 2212 150 watt motor so anything bigger is better. I fly a 66" with a 3036 and an 8x4 and get an hour run time out of a pair of 4400 3s batteries and a 60 amp esc. The Mapper carries a pan and tilt cam, gopro at times, belly camera and FPV gear...all at the same time.

    Divinity II -> http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1023254
    Mr.Mapper -> http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1746142

    I'm partial to Mr.Mapper. :P It maintains altitude at 29km/h and bumps over 100km/h in a dive. Mine weighs 5lb and flies on an 8x4. It still kicks butt.
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    Thanks for these links I will keep them handy, I don't have great scratch building skills so I was hoping for a wing that could be bought instead. But if none are readily available I will give these wings a go.

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