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Thread: Gopro 3 damping Try #3

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    Gopro 3 damping Try #3

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share this damping solution suited for Gopro 3.

    I wanted to push the camera a bit forward to get rid of the props in the picture (using 10x5 props) and came up with this solution.

    Im using a sparepart to a sportkite that fits an earplug perfect and snaps right onto the alu poles between the two deks.

    Picture says it all i think.


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    Do you have a link to that kite part?

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    I am using this anti-vibration foam:
    It works really good

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    yes, interesting rig, a link to that kite part would also be interesting...

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    I bought my splitcaps here:

    but anyone that sells products should be able to get them home.


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    that is great. what size are those caps?

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