Here's yet a new thing at TrueRC: The 1280MHz "dual-link". Like the quad-link, but to match two antennas instead of four. I made it for an interesting use: To convert a Gatling into a pepperbox antenna by replacing part of the matching network. Just unscrew either the two left or two right elements and screw the dual-link. (be sure to mark your connector to put them back at the same place.) Your Gatling will then turn into a 13dB pepperbox, usefull at the field in case your tracker let you down

To conver the gatling into a pepperbox, simply unscrew two elements like shown here:

And place the dual-link on the two disconnected elements:

Half of the gatling is now a pepperbox with 3dB less gain but four times the beam width.

Ultimately, the other half could be converted to share with a friend using 1258/1280.


-Can I use it to stack two omnis and make a horizon style antenna?
>>Yes and no, if you place them both pointing up and 7-8" distance one above the other and

both have exact same coax length, then yes.

-Can I stack two directional antennas such as helicals or crosshairs?
>>Again a delicate question; it can, but both antennas need to be in the exact same

orientation with exact same cable length and exact same number of turns in case of a helical.

In other words: two cloned antennas spaced by about 3/4 to 1 wave apart.

-Can it be used to connect two RXs to the same antenna?

-How much?