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Thread: FatShark Ski Goggles :

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    I got a reply saying yes FE is still around, but in more of a limited capacity (not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean?) and they don't use the forums for customer communication.
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    ...just received it and set it up with my Dominator V1.
    It's AWESOME! very comfortable even with the removable custom dioptic lenses i made for it
    Finally I can use my Dominator Goggles
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    I really want to buy this but does anyone know whats going on with the site.. are they defunct? Will I be waiting monthsf or the googles?

    does anyone know how well they would fit with these eyeglasses? -


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    I just got my goggle sky mask mod. I was not sure if they would fit the fat shark base goggles but they did....

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