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Nice video Bender!

Fell in lust with the Scout Bee at our second Colorado FPV meet. I think secretspy had one and maybe a few other guys. Thing flew like it was on rails and landed like it was suspended from a frozen rope. It was just beautiful to watch.

The last gopro I bought was the 3 Black, I think this is the year to upgrade!


Thanks, BG! The GoPro7 is the first in a while to offer a serious upgrade for FPV wings. Still need to work on the exposure metering but the hypersmooth is awesome for planes like my ScoutBee... it flies great but it always has a twitch in HD. The 7 calms it way down. ScoutBee is an awesome plane and very sturdy. Just the really thin profile makes it hard to get batteries in it... I build up a hatch for the gear. Running 6600mah 4S with a cobra 2826/1470kv and APC 9x6 on Vector with MFD telefly board for tracker/flytogether makes it one of my go to planes.