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Thread: KK2.0 on a fixed wing aircraft?

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    KK2.0 on a fixed wing aircraft?

    So we all know the KK2.0 supports fixed wing aircraft. And the board is real cheap compared to a FY unit or ET Guardian. I have a couple KK2.0 lying around and would like to try one in my glider - just as a backup in case I lose video or some other issue in flight to aid transition to LOS.

    Anyone try stabilization/wing level with KK2.0 on a fixed wing plane? Can't find much about this on search. Seems like nobody is doing it yet. Would like to know how it compares to the other much more expensive options out there.

    If not, I will give it a try on a more expendable plane first.
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    I had a spare KK2 board lying around and installed OpenAero2 on it. It works wonders as a supplementary stabilization board. Pretty amazing what OpenAero can do!

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    KK2.0 on a fixed wing aircraft?

    Rolf himself recommends using openaero for plane stabilisation.

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