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Thread: Fatshark DIY Mask

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    Hi Markus,

    The part with the receiver on it also is control for brightness and contrast so if you take it out like i did you don't have control over that.
    I only used the kopin which needs 5v that you can get direct from a 5volt ubec.
    If you are only planning to use you're goggles with a groundstation i guess you can drop the receiver but when i fly "in the area" i am only using the SPW on my goggles and i don't need to bring a groundstation but that is up to you.
    I dropped that part because i am not using 2,4 which was my receiver and i wanted power from my RC Tx since i needed a cable from my Rc Tx because of the headtracker i also used power from my radio so i don't need another seperate battery.

    I don't have more fotoos from the build sorry for that but i guess you will figure that out.


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    I now have the mask and the right happy Lawmate RX sticks with velcro on the front

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    Very nice

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    Hi Addy,
    i am working on doing this exact mod to my old fatshark aviators. I can't see your images anymore...could anyone help me verify the cabling that goes to the kopin module? I was guessing the red, black and yellow were +5v, gnd, and video and the others were for brightness, etc. my multimeter disagrees! Any chance anyone has these pinouts? The kopin website doesn't help much either.


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    Hello Jason,

    Sorry for my late reaction, i'll have to see if i still have the image's.
    I will look into it this weekend

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