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Thread: inverted V uhf

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    Thanks for your report marc


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    Quote Originally Posted by syscons View Post
    Would it be best to mount those V antennas like Dipoles, so one end pointing up on the Wing and one down?

    How do they compare to a Dipole? Would be nicer to mount on a Wing..
    Yes, I did some testing.More testing is needed but conclusion so far is that vertically polarized V is the best. I test vertical dipole, horizontal 110* V and vertical 90* deg V all DIY
    Horizontal V was the worst and yes I mounted TX antenna horizontal for this.
    Vertical V got rid of 2 problems with the dipole. #1 is dipole element snapping of every couple of flights from bending when contacting the ground and #2 is the dipole nulls
    Here is some video to show the problem every throttle cut is a fail safe.There is no video of vertical V because I haven't had a single fail safe yet ( 2 flights) Note this is all within 0.5KM on 433Mhz at 200mw

    Attached is a photo of the installations
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Interesting results! Is the vertical polarized V mounting visible in the left or in the right image you posted?
    However, I think it isn't a good sign if a failsafe happens within 500m with any of these antennas.

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    Hi guys

    Are there more test reports

    I love feedback

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    Is this antenna a good match for the IBCrazy Moxon Rectangle UHF? Thanks!

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    Yes the moxon is hor / vertical. So yes they match


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    hi guys

    get more and more mail about diversity set

    so here some photo,s

    I bulding them from spring steel
    And fine tune on analyzer. The frequentie you want s

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    Received mine yesterday and tested the antenna today.
    My old Sander style Monopole is no match to the V at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gulasch View Post
    Received mine yesterday and tested the antenna today.
    My old Sander style Monopole is no match to the V at all.
    thanks for feedback
    no more beeps and failsafes behind treeline,s lol

    have fun rob

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